About Us

We have two very highly skilled, NZ trained, and registered, Clinical Dental Technicians on site with an extensive training in removable prosthodontics.

'Mo' and 'Mustafa' been working together for almost 7 years at Denture Art, in Panmure.

They met down in Dunedin where they completed both of their batchelor degrees at the Otago University School of Dentistry. The two highly experienced Clinical Dental Technicians have a 20 years combined experience in the removable prosthetics (dentures).

They worked with the most advanced Dental and Maxillofacial technicians in the country, where they developed there skills and grew there knowledge in the field of denture prosthodontics. 

Both Mo and Mustafa have passion for dentistry and love to help the community by restoring teeth for patients in order to give them better chewing, digestion, overall health of the person including self esteem and confidence  which changes people instantly towards a more positive happier and healthier individuals. Alot of the patients never knew the confidence and self esteem part is related to their teeth. Once treatment is completed not only you see the patients smiling and happier, but also Mo and Mustafa are two of the most caring practitioners you will come across.

"The reason I love my job is because every job is different,  you will never find 2 identical mouths, literally we place smiles on people's faces on a daily basis, such a rewarding experience, Our attention to details and the final artistic touch what distinguish our dentures from the rest" Mo

"We specialise in cosmetic removable dentures so natural that you never have thought those were dentures" Mustafa 

Come visit us at G1 Jellicoe Court/ 22 - 28 Jellicoe Road, Panmure, and rest assure that you are in the most talented, skilled and caring denture makers in the country. Not only the skills and talent but the overall experience and service that comes with it is far beyond what you can imagine, where every dollar spent will be worth after all, as here at. Denture Art #YourSmile is #OurFuture

Call us on 095277550 to discuss your need, and we will guide you to the best direction/options best suited for you

Partial Dentures

partial dentures are for those who have few missing natural teeth, and would like to fill in the missing teeth with some dentures in order to function properly and bring back the beautiful smile. We have different types of partial dentures to choose from, ranging from acrylics, to nylon, and metal chrome or titanium dentures to suit you requirments and need. Talk to us today and let us help you pick out the perfect choice.

Denture Maintenance

A good maintenance regimen is vital to extending the life of your dentures and increase the comfort and looks at the same time. At Denture Art, we also service your old sets of dentures that includes repairs, cleaning, relines and rebasing of old dentures with a short turnaround time. If you make a booking with us we could perform these services the same day while you wait.

Relines and Additions

There will be times when your dentures require maintainance especially after time of wear and tear. The gums will also change and undergoes shrinkage known as (bone resorption). The denture will become loose and hence will need relining in order to maintain better retention. In some cases dentures will fracture due to the poor fit and thus a reline is necessary then. We could also add additional teeth to the partial denture plate if more natural teeth or acrylic teeth are lost or broken. If you make a booking with us, we will make sure to do such job on the same day while you wait.