The Process

At Denture Art, we ensure that you get the best looking and fitting set of dentures. The entire process takes between 4 and 5 sessions from start to finish. In saying that, we do have the ability to fit you with emergency dentures while you wait.

Our 4 step process is outlined below, should you have any more questions please feel free to call us on: 09-527 7550 or Email Us

First Appointment

During your intial appointment, we will examine the oral cavity and check to see if dentures are indeed the best option for you. We will then take a mould of your gums and teeth (if any) in order to get the process underway.

Second Appointment

By this time we will have created a custom tray and will then take a secondary mould using the special tray custom made by the technician to fit the mouth more accurately. This allows us to create a more accurate mould resulting in a better fitting denture.

Third Appointment

We will record your bite using wax blocks that resemble the dimensions and position of the denture teeth. During this step we will be able to record the centric bite position, the position of the teeth, as well as testing the speech and function as if there are teeth present.

Fourth Appointment

The denture teeth will be setup on the wax blocks, the reason why they are on wax blocks is to confirm with the patient that he/she is happy with the looks of the denture. If any alterations are needed they can be done during that appointment as the dentures will still be in wax form. Once you are happy with the look and feel, the dentures will be finalised and fitted. The final fitting takes place during your fifth appointment.