Steps involved in making the denture 
appointments explained...

Here in the heart of Panmure in Auckland city you will find our Denture clinic and laboratory. This is where it all happens, from meeting and greeting our patients to the entire process of  fabricate our acrylic dentures custom fit to the patient's mouth so they not only look like natural teeth, but also feel and functional for its purpose.

Natural looking dentures are not difficult to achieve, and in fact they should always made to look natural when in the mouth worn.
However, functional dentures, or dentures made so you can chew your food with is rarely seen or heard of, as what we have been told by some of our patients here in Denture Art.

Functional dentures made for the purpose of eating or chewing, as well as enjoying your favoruite meals has to be made according to the correct specification  or criteria as taught in most Dental Schools around the world, including our National University of Otago School of Dentistry. This all starts with the first primary impressions, and that is the fundemental part to a comfortable denture, as the base of the denture must have precision and accuracy so that retention is achievied and comfortable denture is the final end result. This is followed by taking accurate measurements of the patient's overall vertical dimension, rest vertical dimension of the patient's mouth so that 3-4 mm of free way space achieved in order for the tempomandibular joint (TMJ) can function at its optimum capacity without causing joint pain or compromised biting force or jaw clicking. There are alot to be taken into consideration during the denture fabrication stages which will be summarised here in the appointment stages below:

The entire process can take anywhere between 2 to 5 separate appointments, and they are 15 mins in length each. We usually have one week between appointments for laboratory work preparations.

The appointment process is outlined below, should you have any more questions please feel free to call us on: 09-527 7550 or Email Us

First Appointment

During your intial appointment, we will perform an oral examination to check for oral health and general anatomy and state of the oral mucosa and residual ride classification (i.e bone structure ) this will indicate the occlusal scheme we should be designing, and that is the correct way the back molars should be set up to achieve best funcational results that can minimise dislodgments to the dentures and improves stability that way.

Then we will take an impression of your upper and lower ridges/gums/teeth that way we have a working study model we can design our denture on and examine the case without having to wait on the chair for so long. This appointment only takes 15-20 mins at the most, and impression material only takes a minute or two to set in the mouth so you don't have to worry or feel nervous being on the dental chair if thats whats been putting you off from getting your dentures made.

Second Appointment

By now we would have created a Custom Tray/Special Tray. Which is a tray custom made by the dental technician so it fits the study model that has been fabricated on the first appointment. Using this special tray loaded with impression material (Alginate) or (Polyvinyl Siloxane/ Silicone) inserted into the mouth and within another minute or two as it sets, then removing the tray. As a result, a more accurate precise stone model is fabricated, and this new stone model will be used for the final denture processing, so that our patients always walking out feeling confident, and a comfortable with their dentures, so that each and every patient can wear their dentures daily, without having to feel embaressed or ashamed of the dentures getting loose or popping out of their mouth while talking ot eating in public.

Third Appointment

Impression taking is now all completed. At this stage we will take few measurements of the amount of space we have to work with, without compromising the jaw's, tongue, lips, cheeks own space and comfort zone.

At this stage we fabricate a wax bite block for both upper and lower if necessary. This wax block used as a splint to give us an indication where the teeth should be set up, according to each individual's centric occlusion (centric bite). And that is a very important appointment as the bite must be accurate so that comfort and function is achieved, as well as enhanced retention to the dentures as they work in harmony to one another. We also take the midline measurement of the central front teeth, overall vertical dimension and the jaw's resting position measurements, as this will indicate the space needed for the jaw to be at a resting position for optimum comfort and without causing stress or jaw pain when dentures are worn. 

Phonetics or speech is also checked at this appointment, to make sure there is enough space for the tongue to be able to speak without a lisp and without feeling like a mouth full of teeth. Then the shade of the teeth is selected according to your preference otherwise we could match the shade so that the skin features, hair colour etc taken into consideration and selecting a shade best suitable and matched to achieve a natural contrast in order to achieve the natural smile you have always dreamt off, in another word, a natural smile is re-created once again.

Fourth Appointment

This is where the moment of truth is seen and felt. As this appointment you will be able to view your dentures and wear them so you can see and feel them in the mouth being worn. This appointment we will get you to approve each of the following:
  • Amount of teeth showing
  • Orientation and position of teeth
  • Shade of teeth
  • Size of teeth
We have to make sure that your are happy with denture set-up prior finishing the dentures. As in this appointment we are still able to perform changes to the dentures, whether the bite needs changing, or teeth positioning, shade, size or orientation. Or anything else you have in mind whether adding a Gold tooth, or Silver tooth etc. Which must be all advised at this final appintment as its still at the wax stage which can be adjusted and changed easier. 

The most important part to this appointment is confirming the bite to make sure its according to the patient's jaw centric position. Then the looks/aesthetics the dentures have when being placed in the mouth. And this was and will never be difficult to achieve here at Denture Art.

Once the patient consent that they are fully satisfied with the looks of the dentures, including the correct bite and amount of free way space for the tongue is created. Until then we can go ahead and process the dentures into acrylic which will be then our fifth and final appointment which is the denture insertion appointment.